SpongeBob stickers and tattoos - the hits with kids and teens

It is a yellow, cuboid sponge with front teeth protruding from the mouth. He wears short brown trousers with a black belt, a white shirt and a red tie. With his pet, the meowing snail Gary, he lives in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom in a pineapple that is furnished as a two-storey house. SpongeBobs hobbies include jellyfish, bubbles and karate. He works in the fast food restaurant Krosse Krabbe as an exceptionally motivated and talented burger roaster and is regularly voted employee of the month there
SpongeBob SquarePants Sport glimmered

Decorative stickers to colorful printed paper with mica dust. SpongeBob 3D absolute cult status with kids and teens.

Format: 76 x 120 mm
Content: 2 sheets

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The hit with kids and teens - SpongeBob stickers and tattoos

. He regularly fails the practical driving exam for the boat license. In addition, he is artistically very talented, has a blossoming imagination and tends to naivety. He is extremely nice and helpful. Others are sometimes annoyed by his behaviour. Source