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Stickershop stands for more than just stickers. Here you get current, trendy products for
designing, decorating, marking, collecting and playing. Household labels go to the preserves, with cool tattoos
you like to show skin, lettering, family book images and Stickers are a pretty decoration for letter paper, envelopes,
poetry albums, diaries, rooms and windows. Multipurposeand office labels for handwriting in many sizes and colours, for folders,
CD/DVD, floppy disks and much more.

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Easter curls bunny stickers

Paper Sticker's popular around Easter. Best suited for decorating Easter eggs

Size: 76 x 120 mm
Contents: 2 Sheets

1,42 EUR
Collage Oster-Sticker 3D VI
High-quality Easter 3D stickers made of various layers of paper with various decorative applications. Ideally suited for decorating Easter eggs with Easter eggs

Size: 100 x 150 mm
Content: 1 sheet
1,59 EUR
Easter Window

Self-adhesive special film without adhesive for smooth surfaces Repositionable - Extensive Ostermotiv selection

Format: 300 x 380 mm
Contents: 1 sheet

3,99 EUR
Glamour sticker lettering

Stickers with colorful glitter. Great decorative accessories for Easter eggs and cards.

Size: 76 x 120 mm
Contents: 1 sheet

1,49 EUR
DDR Stories
from Sandman, Pitti, Moppi and Schnatterinchen to Maya the Bee, The Little Mole and Indian Boy YAKAR ...
Christmas's Sticker
Window decoration for decorations of all kinds. Festive star stickers from high-quality gold or silver material printed paper also glittered
sticker album
with different motifs in size DIN A6, A5 and A4 Siliconized paper allows individual placement and reuse of stickers
household labels
Decorative jam-on labels made of writable and removable paper material. Particularly suitable for marking stocks.
Liebe ist... - Herzen - Glanz
Glänzende Aussichten mit Crystal Textildeko
book labels
for school, so books and exercise books get their own design. Simply stick it on and label it individually...
High-quality party cards, birthday cards, invitation cards and money cards with funny Disney© designs meet every taste.
deep-freeze labels
Made of writable paper, removable, suitable for temperatures from +28C to -28C. Practical labels for marking frozen goods!
Face Sticker - Face Art Decor
Quick and easy transformation artists: the favourite motifs for every children's party and carnival party.
BiBi Blocksberg
in the noble gold look! Numerous lettering filigree punched out stable gold foil to decorate comfortably, completely without edges for different occasions.
Numbers - Letters
Different letters and numbers made of different materials. For labelling various utensils in the office.
for decorating refrigerators etc. - Round magnet for opening bottles - Magnetic bookmarks
Fascinating tattoos for the summer time and carnival! Easy to use, deceptively real effect. Japanese characters, dragons, flowers, animals, dolphins
Wackelaugen Sticker
Easter Sticker
Cute stickers made of colorfully printed paper or with mica dust. Shrink foil with Easter motifs to decorate Easter eggs.
Glamour Stickers
Precious material made of coloured mica, silver embossing and crystal stones. Ideal for decorating letters, cards, gifts and various utensils.
Smiley World
Paper Sticker Smiley A familiar face now in a new look: Sympathetic, cheerfully funny and unmistakable
mobile phone jewellery
High-quality stickers and glittering jewelry pendants for the decoration of mobile phones.
Fussball WM 2014
information labels
Weatherproof foil labels. For affixing post box labels. e.g. "No advertising" Warning birds: Makes windows and glass doors visible and protects birds from collisions.
wall stickers
noble wall border, transparent foil, silver Easy to use, removable without residue - suitable for gluing on walls, cupboards and much more.
Marking points for marking, marking and notes. They create order and an overview of folders, files and documents at lightning speed.
multi-purpose labels
Multi-purpose labels from Avery Zweckform, ideal for labelling, marking, marking, and for notes.

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Easter window decoration pair of bunnies stroller

Easter window decoration with suction cup for easy hanging on your window - removable

size: 170 x 200 mm
Content: 1 sheet

1,99 EUR
Easter window decoration bunny stroller

Easter window decoration with suction cup for easy hanging on your window - removable

size: 170 x 200 mm
Content: 1 sheet

1,99 EUR
3D Magnet Elephant Heart Balloon

3D magnet elephant standing from "Die Sendung mit der Maus" magnet to decorate fridge etc.

Material: PVC
Format: approx. 6 x 5 cm

3,95 EUR
Easter Decoration Sticker Pop-Up I

Puffy stickers made of colorful glossy material with 3D effect on the theme of Easter.

Format: 200 x 250 mm
Content: 1 sheet

1,95 EUR
Easter window decoration duck stroller

Easter window decoration with suction cup for easy hanging on your window - removable

size: 170 x 200 mm
Content: 1 sheet

1,99 EUR
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