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child's dream
Make your children happy! With these great stickers made of transparent foil with pink glitter, you can conjure up a smile on their faces. Your children will love the creepy cute vampires and monsters to play, do handicrafts and collect. Also decorate letters, invitations, gifts, friendship books, school bags and poetry albums with the glittering, magic vampire stickers. Creepy cute vampires and other weird creatures glitter in colour on great glitter stickers in large format A5.
Crystal Sticker Indians

... Beautiful stickers for crafting, collecting donations or exchanges. Colorful, dazzling and fascinating Stone Sticker - button-like, some with light effect.

Format: 76 x 120 mm
Content: 1 Sheets

1,44 EUR
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fairy princess fire department police the child dream

Cool police stickers with metallic effect for kids. Precious materials and real eye-catchers! Of course all products are child-resistant, of perfect quality and are regularly checked by external inspection authorities. Have fun decorating!