Dragon stickers from tattoos to porcelain stickers

Apply in a few minutes very easy and uncomplicated, finished skin-friendly, waterproof tattoos. CLASSIC Tattoos XXL are "Made in Germany" and correspond to the cosmetics regulation of the EU. Easy to remove with skin oil.
Wall sticker unicorn 3D-optics

Wall stickers of plastic and paper in 3D design for smooth surface wall or cabinets

Packaging: 300 x 500 mm
Contents: 1 sheet

6,95 EUR
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from tattoos to porcelain stickers with dragon stickers

This porcelain sticker is perfectly suitable for application on porcelain and glass (no stoneware). It is suitable e.g. for porcelain cups and glasses or for tiles in kitchen and bathroom. The sticker does not have to be burned in. The stickers are best rinsed by hand. The object must be free of grease and dry before sticking the sticker on.