Dealer and customer discount

Guest registrations do not receive this discount.

New customers get after the 2 purchases 3% discount and from the 4 purchases a regular customer discount of 6% on net price.
Requirement of the regular customer discount:

    Punctual and correct payment  
    correct information customer address or phone and e-mail address  

Dealers receive after the 1 purchase of 125.00 Euro a retailer discount of 11% per article on net price.
Condition of the retailer discount:

    Punctual and correct payment  
    correct details of the dealer address, VAT ID, e-mail address  
    Minimum order value 125,00 Euro
    Please report first by Tel. o. E-Mail  

We reserve the right to the regular customers / dealers discount for problems without giving reasons to cancel.

Free shipping for orders over 125 EUR