Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for sticker-shop24

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Important Important Important Important
- With every order you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with all articles and account data.
If you have not received an e-mail, please contact us by e-mail, phone or our contact form.

I go to the internet with the Internet Explorer. When I confirm "yes order", it jumps back to the page "choose payment method". I do not know where the error is.
You have ordered an article which is not available in sufficient quantity (***) remaining stock.

I have paid but I do not receive any goods.
- You have logged in via "Fast purchase without account" and have not completed your order (click on the confirmation link "Send paid order" on the last page below).
- we have received your money but we do not know who you are and what you have ordered. So please make sure to send us the confirmation e-mail when you place an order. Wait and enter the order number when paying.

Do not continue shopping o. shopping cart empty
- after successful new registration the complete shopping cart is empty again. The articles were no longer to be found.
- Your browser does not allow cookies

Seasonal articles (Easter, Christmas etc.)
- Please ask before ordering by phone or e-mail whether the goods are in stock

I can't log in. What did I do wrong?
- You have probably mistyped your username (e-mail) and
  Password, enter your username (e-mail) here again as you did when you registered
  and your password! If that does not help either, please contact us!
  If you do not remember your password. Simply call up a new one CLICK HERE

I have ordered and have not received a confirmation e-mail.
- By the setting of your mail filter ( important for AOL E-Mail ) it can be the
  the e-mail with the access data was moved to the spam folder

Can you please enclose a receipt or invoice with my order.
- For each order you will receive an invoice with VAT and
  Tax number!

Can I order from you as a normal consumer or only as a seller ?
- Yes everyone

I received an email with "the status has been changed" what does it mean?
Here you will only be informed what is happening with your order.
- Order in process (goods are being collected and packed)
- Partly shipped goods (goods not completely complete - will be delivered later)
- Goods paid and dispatched (goods have left our warehouse to you)

Why is my postage abroad at once so high?
- you have a wall - window picture (300 x 300 mm or larger) in your shopping cart (parcel shipping)
- because we charge shipping by weight can be calculated even with more than 50 stickers
  the amount becomes higher than EUR 6,90.
  But we will send you an e-mail if the postage is too high and we will reduce it.

- You have problems with an order and are deaf on this page can help you