3D Sticker mica plane
3D Sticker mica plane

3D Sticker mica plane

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In this trendy sticker collecting album with the cool pattern cover with unicorn, rainbow, llama and kawaii motifs and the practical DINA5 format, every collecting-enthusiastic child can wonderfully store his sticker treasures and take them everywhere for swapping and playing.
- Always removable: The collected stickers can be removed again and again for swapping, regrouping and playing.
- Handy size: The sticker album fits in any pocket and can be taken anywhere for swapping and collecting
- Ideal as a gift or souvenir: Super suitable for all children from 3 years old

Format: DIN A5 / 210 mm x 148 mm
Content: 12 sheets / 24 pages blank

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Original stickers embossed film with 3D effect with mica dust.

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Original Puffy Lasert stickers made of embossed foil with 3D effect. on the theme "Dog puppies".

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Fun construction machines

Popular Paper Sticker round's theme Construction - Funny designs meet every taste.

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